Why does it say that Bnei Yisrael took Yosef's bones from Egypt? Moshe took them (Shemos 13:19)!


Radak: Moshe warned Bnei Yisrael to take them, therefore it is attributed to him [in the Torah].


Radak citing Sotah 13b: Moshe took them, but he could not enter Eretz Yisrael, so Bnei Yisrael buried them in Shechem. Because they finished the Mitzvah, here it is attributed to them.


Why did they bury Yosef in Shechem?


Rashi (from Sotah 13b): Since he was stolen from Shechem 1 , his bones were returned to there.


Radak #1: Shechem was in Efrayim (20:7). For Yosef's honor, they buried him in the first place that Yakov acquired in Eretz Yisrael.


Radak #2: "Nasati Lecha Shechem Echad Al Achecha" (Bereishis 48:22) hints that he will be buried in Shechem. Lecha does not teach about Bechorah, for Yakov already said that Yosef's sons will receive two portions (Bava Basra 123a)!


Yosef found his brothers in Dosan, and they sold him there! Refer to 37:17:152:1-3 and the notes there.


What was considered an inheritance for Bnei Yosef?


Radak, Malbim: They considered the bones to be a good inheritance, that they were able to bury them in their portion. 1 Abarvenel - they held that his virtue will help them forever.


Malbim: They similarly strove that Elazar be buried in their portion. When he died, they declared Giv'as Pinchas to be Cherem; it goes to the Kohen serving in the Mishmar. It fell to Pinchas, in order that he bury Elazar there. Both Yosef and Elazar were buried in Har Efrayim.

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