The verse says that the hornet expelled the two kings of the Emori (Sichon and Og). Shemos 23:28 says that it will expel the Chivi, Kena'ani and Chiti!


Radak citing Sotah 36a: There were two hornets. One was of Moshe (in his wars against Sichon and Og), and one of Yehoshua.


Malbim: Our verse explains that the 'hornet' was [hearing how Yisrael defeated] the two kings of the Emori [without swords or bows]. This caused the Girgashi 1 to fear and flee.


Granted, we can say that Girgashi is included in Kena'ani, which often refers to all seven Kena'ani nations. However, if so, why did Shemos 23:28 mention also Chivi and Chiti? (PF)


Did Bnei Yisrael not use swords in the war?


Radak: Your swords [would not have helped] if not for Hashem's help.


Malbim: Indeed, They did not use them against Sichon and Og. Refer to 24:12:1:2.


Why does our verse return to discuss Sichon and Og? Verse 8 discussed them!


Malbim: Refer to 24:12:1:2.

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