Why does it say "me'Es Bnei Yisrael mi'Shilo"?


Malbim: Yehoshua had called them to his city in Efrayim. They did not immediately return to Ever ha'Yarden; first they went to Shilo 1 to pray at the Mishkan and to take permission [to leave] from Bnei Yisrael there. This shows that their hearts had not veered from Kedushas ha'Mishkan and the unity of Yisrael, unlike the suspicion of Bnei Yisrael about the Mizbe'ach [right after this].


I do not know why Malbim says that Shilo is at the north of Yosef's border. The borders of Binyamin and Yosef meet at Shilo, and Yosef was to the north of Binyamin! (PF)

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