Why does it say "Asher b'Eretz Kena'an"?


Malbim: It was in Eretz Yisrael proper. 1 This shows that they did not want to separate from Yisrael, for if so, they would have built it in their place, in the east!


They built it lest Bnei Eretz Yisrael proper will say that Bnei Ever ha'Yarden have no share in Hashem (verse 25). If they built in west of the Yarden, how does this refute the claim? (PF)


Why does it say "l'Mar'eh"?


Malbim: If was not to offer on it. It was very tall, without steps. This shows that it was not to offer on it 1 , only for a remembrance.


The Torah forbids steps on the Mizbe'ach (Shemos 20:23)! If it also did not have a ramp, this is a good proof that it was not for Korbanos. (PF)

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