Why does the verse mention that she lowered them via the window, with a rope?


Rashi: Men used to come to her for Zenus via the window, with a rope. She asked Hashem, I sinned with these


When did she lower them?


Radak: It was after she finished speaking with them, or after they slept a little.


It already taught that her house is in the wall. Why does it add "uva'Chomah Hi Yisheves"?


Radak: One might have thought that her primary residence is in the city 1 . The verse teaches that this is not so.


Malbim: Her house was outside the wall; three of its walls were the city wall 2 , and the window was in the fourth direction. She dwelled in [an area surrounded on three sides via] the wall. This is why her house did not fall when the wall fell, for they were outside the wall. 3


I.e. and the house in the wall was just for Zenus, so men could come to her covertly. (PF)


I.e. the wall jutted in; her house was in the recessed area. Why was this itself not a sign of her house? Perhaps other houses were similarly recessed in the wall. (PF)


I.e. houses inside the city wall, for which the city wall served as [at least] one of the house walls, they sunk together with the city wall. If so special miracle was done for Rachav's house, it was left with only one wall when the city wall sunk. (PF)

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