What is the meaning of "mi'Tzafon Chanason"?


Bi'ur ha'Gra: [Afterwards the border goes] north of Chanason; it was in Zevulun 1 , until Gei Yiftach Kel.


Malbim: The southern border went north of Chanason, so it was not in Zevulun.


The Vilna Gaon must explain that the verse discusses the northern border of Zevulun, unlike Malbim, who says that it discusses the southern border. (PF)


It says about Zevulun (Bereishis 49:13) "v'Yarchaso Al Tzidon." Tzidon is beyond these borders!


Bi'ur ha'Gra: We must say that Zevulun's border interrupts Asher's portion and goes near Tzidon, and there it spreads out like a Yerech (thigh). Gei Yiftach Kel interrupts through Asher.

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