How is Yerushalayim listed in Binyamin? Above (15:8), it is listed in Yehudah!


Radak: Each of them had a part in Yerushalayim. A strip extended from Yehudah into Binyamin, on which the Mizbe'ach was built (Zevachim 53b).


Why does it say that there are 14 cities (in verses 25-28)? There are only 12!


Rashi: Our verse lists five. Tzela 1 ha'Elef and Giv'as Kiryas are not two cities with compound names. 2 Rather, they are four cities.


Bi'ur ha'Gra: There were two big cities without a wall. They are counted, even though they are not listed. 3 This applies to all borders [of Shevatim] in Eretz Yisrael.


Malbim: The verse did not list Anasos and Almon, cities of Leviyim in Binyamin (21:8).


Radak: We find that Tzela itself is the name of a city (Shmuel 2 21:14). Lev Yitzchak

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