What is the meaning of "v'Yatza ha'Gevul ha'Yamah ha'Michmesas mi'Tzafon"?


Rashi: The border went to the west, north of Michmesah. Metzudas David, Bi'ur ha'Gra


What is the meaning of "v'Nasav ha'Gevul Mizrachah Ta'anas Shilo"?


Rashi: The border [which jutted out to the west] continued to the north, to the east of Ta'anas Shilo.


Bi'ur ha'Gra, Malbim: After the border passed Michmesah, it turned to the east, and passed Ta'anas Shilo, which was close to Yericho, and it turned to the south.


How can we say (Zevachim 118b) that Mishkan Shilo was in Binyamin? Ta'anas Shilo, and even Beis Kel (which was south of it) were in Yosef's portion (verse 1)!


Zevachim 118b: A strip extended from Yosef into Binyamin (on which Mishkan Shilo was built). 1


A Tana (Zevachim 118b) disagrees, and holds that Mishkan Shiloh was in Yosef's portion


118b: This is like the Beis ha'Mikdash. A strip of land extended from Yehudah into Binyamin; the Mizbe'ach was built by this strip. Binyamin was pained that his Shevet did not receive it. Ta'anas Shilo hints to his pain about the strip of Shilo! Malbim - we find that Yisrael counseled men of Binyamin [left after Pilegesh b'Giv'ah] to take girls from Shilo who went out to dance, for they entered Binyamin's portion nearby.


What is the meaning of "v'Avar Oso mi'Mizrach Yanochah"?


Rashi: The border passed Ta'anas Shilo, and passed east of Yanochah [and then it turned east, to the Yarden].


Metzudas David: The border was not close to Ta'anas Shilo. It was east of Yano'ach which is east of Ta'anas Shilo.


Bi'ur ha'Gra: The [eastern] border was east of Yanochah, so it belonged to Efrayim.

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