Why does it say "ha'Yamah ha'Gadol u'Gevul"?


Rashi (47): This refers to islands in the sea. 1


Radak: The Yam ha'Gadol and its Gevul (Targum Yonasan


I do not know why Rashi explained so only below, but not here. (PF)


Lev Yitzchak: Perhaps this comes to include islands in the sea opposite Yehudah's portion, (like Rashi, 47); see Gitin 8b.


Why does it say "Zeh Gevul Bnei Yehudah Soviv l'Mishpechosam", and below (verse 20) "Zos Nachalas Bnei Yehudah l'Mishpechosam"? Regarding other Shevatim, it says only the latter, and regarding Binyamin, "Zos Nachalas Bnei Binyamin li'Gevuloseha"!


Malbim (18:20): For Binyamin, the verses detail the border cities and the interior cities. For the other Shevatim, it lists the cities but does not specify the border. For Yehudah, until now it listed the border. Shimon received within this border. When it comes to list Yehudah's cities, it says "Zos Nachalas Bnei Yehudah."

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