Why must he say "Odeni ha'Yom Chazak", in addition to "k'Kochi Az uch'Chochi Atah"?


Malbim: The former teaches that my heart is strong; it does not fear anything [physical].


What do we learn from "k'Kochi Az uch'Chochi Atah"?


Radak: This equates them, like "cha'Am ka'Kohen ka'Eved ka'Donav" (Yeshayah 24:2).


Malbim: The Chidush (which we learn that it is like the other) comes first, e.g. "Chamocha k'Pharaoh" (Bereishis 44:18)! Kalev's strength was known now in the war; he estimated that it was the same 45 years ago. 1


If his strength now was known, why must he teach about his strength then? Above, the Malbim said that the Hashgachah that he kept his strength shows that he should receive Chevron (refer to 14:7:1:2* - PF).

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