Where are Kadesh Barne'a and Azah?


Rashi: They are in the south, from east to west, but he did not conquer all the way to the sea. From Azah until the sea remained - "ha'Aretz ha'Nish'ares... ha'Azasi veha'Ashdodi..." (13:2,3).


Malbim: They are in the south, from east to west. This is the border of Yehudah.


Goshen is in Egypt (Bereishis 47:6)!


Radak: This is a different Goshen. Malbim - it is in Yehudah's portion (15:51).


Radak (11:16, citing a Midrash), Da'as Zekenim (Bereishis 46:29): It is Goshen of Egypt. It was swallowed among cities of Yisrael. "Va'Ya'al... Goshnah" (Bereishis 46:29) - it is rising towards Eretz Yisrael. Since Yehudah was his father's Shali'ach to go there in front of him (46:28), he merited that Goshen, which is a good land 1 , be in his portion.


Rashi brought (from Kesuvos 112a; refer to Bamidbar 13:22:2:1) that the worst part of Eretz Kena'an was far better than the best part of Egypt! Perhaps after it became part of Eretz Yisrael, it improved drastically. (PF)


Where is Giv'on?


Malbim: It is in Binyamin's portion.

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