What do we include from "Es Kol ha'Aretz"?


Malbim: Everything in the southern border.


What is the meaning of "Negev"?


Malbim: It is a dry place. Metzudas Tziyon: The Targum of "Charvu Pnei ha'Adamah" (Bereishis 8:13) is "Nagvu". Also below, [Kalev's daughter] complained "Eretz ha'Negev Nesatani [give to me springs]!" (15:19).


What are "ha'Ashedos"?


Rashi: It is where water of the hills pours. 1 Malbim - just like ha'Shefelah is the opposite of ha'Har, ha'Ashedos is the opposite of ha'Negev; it is Eshed ha'Nechalim" (Bamidbar 21:14, i.e. inclines along which streams flow - Ramban).


Radak: The Targum of "Ashdos ha'Pisgah" (Devarim 3:17) is "Mashpech Mei Ramasa"; it is the slope of the mountain. Alternatively, Pisgah (the peak) is called Ashdos, for water that falls on the mountain spills from the mountain via the slope.

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