What is the meaning of "Lo Charatz li'Vnei Yisrael l'Ish Es Leshono"?


Rashi: No one 1 spoke a word to Yisrael.


Radak, citing Targum Yonasan: There was no harm to Yisrael; no one was pressed to rush.


Metzudas David: Fear of Yisrael was upon them so much, that no one said a bad word even to a lone Yisrael.


Radak, citing the Meforshim: No man of the Nochrim. The prefix Lamed (in l'Ish) is extra. We find like this elsewhere - "Hargu l'Avner", "ha'Shelishi l'Avshalom" (Shmuel 2 3:30, Divrei ha'Yamim 1 3:2).

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