Why does it say "Kodesh Yisrael"?


Rashi: They are like Terumah. Radak - they are like Kodesh 1 , which a Zar may not eat, and if he eats, he is punished. Even though Hashem brings the enemy on Yisrael, the enemy will be punished.


A Zar may eat Kodesh! Perhaps Radak refers to Kodshei Kodoshim. However, based on his next words (refer to 2:3:2:2), it seems that he refers to Terumah, which is called Kodesh (Vayikra 22:10). (PF)


Why are Yisrael called "Reishis Tevu'aso"?


Rashi, from Targum Yonasan: They are like the beginning of the harvest, before the Omer. One may not eat it, and one who eats it is liable. Likewise, all who consume (ravage) Yisrael will be punished. Sancheriv (Melachim II, 19:35) and Nebuchadnetzar were punished. Bavel was destroyed due to what they did to Yisrael.


Radak: This is a repetition of "Kodesh Yisrael" in different words. Terumah, which is Reishis ha'Tevu'ah, is Kodesh.


Ba'al ha'Turim #1: "Reishis" is always the choice - "Reishis Ono", "Reishis Degancha" (Devarim 21:17, 18:4).


Ba'al ha'Turim #2: Every "Reishis" is to Hashem - "Reishis Degancha" (Devarim 18:4). Yericho was Reishis (the first city conquered in Eretz Yisrael); it was made Cherem to Hashem (Yehoshua 6:17). When a child learns to talk, we teach to him Torah (Sukah 42a).


Rosh (Bereishis 42:1, from Tanchuma Miketz 5): ("Yisrael" refers to Yakov.) The king does not stand over his field when it is plowed or seeded, only when the crops are piled up. Hashem told Avraham to dig 1 in the land, and "va'Yizra Yitzchak" (Bereishis 26:12), but it says about Yakov "Kodesh Yisrael la'Shem Reishis Tevu'aso."


Tanchuma: We learn from "Kum His'halech ba'Aretz l'Arkah ul'Rachbah" (Bereishis 13:17. It is normal to plow lengthwise and widthwise - PF.)


Why is there a Hei at the end of "Tevu'aso"?


Radak: We find like this - Ohalo (Bereishis 9:21) and similar words.


Ba'al ha'Turim: It says "Bnei Yisrael" five times in one verse (Bamidbar 8:19), corresponding to Kohanim, Leviyim, Yisraelim, converts and freed slaves. Tevu'aso with a Hei at the end is like Tevu'as Hei 1 .


I.e. there are five jkinds of Yisraelim, just like there are five species of grain. (PF)


What is the meaning of "Yeshamu"?


Malbim: This refers to punishment of the Nefesh - "v'Ish Ki Yochal Kodesh


Why did He say "Ra'ah Tavo Aleihem"?


Malbim: This is bodily punishment and Misah bi'Ydei Shamayim. Even though I prophesize that lions will devour Yisrael, they will be punished like one who eats Kodesh Hashem and His Terumah.

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