What is the meaning of "Hifkadticha"?


Rashi: I appointed you over nations.


Radak: I made you an appointee over them, for good and for bad. As you prophesize for them, so will come upon them.


Why does it say "Linsosh v'Linsotz u'Leha'avid v'Laharos Livnos v'Linto'a"?


Radak: Yirmeyah spoke much bad [that will befall] Yisrael and the nations, and only a little good about the nations - "Ashiv Shevus Bnei Amon", "Ashiv Es Shevus Eilam" (49:6, 39). It says Livnos corresponding to Linsosh, and Linto'a corresponding to Linsotz.


Radak citing Targum Yonasan: The bad is for the nations, and the good is for Yisrael.


Malbim: Linsosh the Goyim u'Le'avdam, Linsotz the kingdoms and Leharsam, Livnos the destroyed [kingdoms] and Linto'a the Goyim. Also the Churban is in order to build - Linsosh v'Linsotz in order that afterwards, Livnos v'Linto'a. Lack precedes existence, and death precedes life.

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