What is the meaning of "Kesef Over Ish Kesef Nefashos Ercho"?


Rashi: There are two monies. Kesef Over are the [half-]Shekalim that Yisraelim give every year (for Korbanos Tzibur), about which it says "Kol ha'Over Al ha'Pekudim" (Shemos 30:13). "Ish Kesef Nefashos Ercho" is if one said Erchi Alai (he pledges to Hekdesh an amount based on his age and gender - Vayikra 27:3-7).


What is "Kol Kesef Asher Ya'aleh


Rashi: This is one who pledges to Hekdesh.



Rashi writes that the [half-]Shekalim given for Korbanos Tzibur were used for Bedek ha'Bayis. From what money did they offer Korbanos Tzibur that year?


Radak: During the reign of Asalyah, people's hearts and Avodah were for the Ba'al. "They brought Olas Tamid all the days of Yehoyada" (Divrei ha'Yamim II, 24:14) implies that beforehand, they were not offering it (and hence not giving Shekalim for it). This is why Yo'ash needed to announce that they must bring Shekalim! The virtuous ones repented with all their hearts, and brought also what they should have brought in previous years 1 , so what was collected for this year sufficed for both [Bedek ha'Bayis and Korbanos Tzibur].


Malbim (7): They had given in previous years, but Asalyah used the money for Ba'alim, so it is as if they did not give. Yo'ash said that they should give now to compensate for previous years' money that was used improperly.

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