What is the meaning of "Asher Beis Hashem"?


Malbim: It is the Kelim needed for the Bayis itself, not for the sake of Avodah.


Did he make only one Shulchan? It says in Divrei ha'Yamim II, 4:8 that he made 10!


Radak: "Shulchan" is a general term; it can refer to many, like "va'Yhi Li Shor v'Chamor" (Bereishis 32:6). It says in Divrei ha'Yamim that the Lechem ha'Panim was on [all of] them. 1


Malbim: Here it is singular, for one is primary; the Chiyuv is to have one. There are two opinions (in Menachos 99a) about whether the Lechem ha'Panim was on all the Shulchanos, [or only on the primary one].


Radak says so to prove that our verse discusses all of them, unlike Malbim. However, the proof is only according to one opinion; refer to 7:48:2:2. (PF)

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