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1. Koresh promised financial support for the Korbanos that were to be offered in the second Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. If a Jew gives money to charity so that his children should live, he is considered completely righteous.
3. Rebbi Shimon says that once three Regalim have passed and a person has not offered his Korban, he transgresses Bal Te'acher.
4. There is a dispute about whether any three festivals must pass for on to transgress Bal Te'acher, or they must pass in the specific order of Pesach, Shavuos, and then Sukos.
5. The Beraisa contains a list of pledges which must be brought within this time period (#3-4).


1. He did so as a merit for himself and his sons.
2. In contrast, a Nochri who does so will usually regret his good deed if something bad happens to his children, and therefore it is not considered meritorious for him to give in such a manner.
3. Bal Te'acher is the prohibition against delaying bringing a Korban for a long time after it has been pledged.
4. Tana Kama: They may be in any order. Rebbi Shimon: One transgresses Bal Te'acher only if Pesach, Shavuos, and Sukos pass in that order. Accordingly, if one pledges to bring a Korban between Pesach and Shavuos, he will transgress Bal Te'acher only after two festivals of Sukos have passed.
5. This applies not only to Korbanos, but also to pledges given to Kohanim ("Charamim"), poor people (Leket, Shichechah, Pe'ah), and Hekdesh.

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