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1. The Gemara discusses whether one may move a non-Muktzah item in order to use it with a Muktzah item.
2. One is permitted to remove a repulsive item from his living quarters.
3. The Mishnah notes that Isurei d'Rabanan that apply on Shabbos apply on Yom Tov as well.
4. The Mishnah lists many of these prohibitions (#3).
5. The Gemara discusses the reasons for why the Rabanan enacted these prohibitions (#4).


1. For example, if this is permitted, one would be able to move a vessel under a leak in order to have dirty water drip into it, even though the dirty water is Muktzah.
2. Even though such an item is normally Muktzah, one may remove it from his living quarters if it is repugnant to him. If it is outside one's living quarters, it may not be moved.
3. The only exceptions are prohibitions regarding cooking and preparing food (and carrying) which do not apply on Yom Tov.
4. These include: Climbing a tree, riding an animal, swimming in a river or ocean, clapping and/or dancing on Shabbos or Yom Tov.
5. For example, one may not climb a tree or ride an animal because it might lead him to tear off a branch of a tree (in the case of the animal, this would be in order to goad the animal so that it should go faster).

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