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BEITZAH 21 (20 Nisan) - Dedicated by Mr. Martin Fogel of Carlsbad, California, in memory of his father, Yaakov ben Shlomo Fogel, on the day of his nineteenth Yahrzeit.


1. A person is permitted to slaughter his animal on Yom Tov, even if half of it belongs to a Nochri.
2. In contrast to this law (#1), one is not permitted to bake an entire batch of dough if half of it is owned by a Nochri.
3. Dough may be baked on Yom Tov for shepherds and their dogs.
4. There is a dispute about whether a person who bakes on Yom Tov for the weekday is punished with Malkus.
5. The Gemara discusses the circumstances under which it is permitted to cook for a Nochri army that comes into town.


1. This is because it is impossible to get even a k'Zayis of meat without Shechitah, and he needs to slaughter the Nochri's half in order to get his half.
2. This is because it is possible to separate the dough and bake only the Jew's half. One is not allowed to cook for a Nochri on Yom Tov.
3. If there is a possibility that the shepherds will eat all of the dough, and they have other food that they could technically give to the dogs, it is considered as if all of the dough is for human consumption (as it is indeed potentially for human consumption).
4. Rav Chisda: He receives lashes, since one is not allowed to bake on Yom Tov for the weekday. Rabah: He does not receive lashes; if he receives guests he has food to serve them, and thus he is not liable for baking the bread on Yom Tov.
5. If the Nochri soldiers allow one to give part of the dough being baked for them to a child or to other Jews, then it is permitted to bake the dough on Yom Tov. If the food being cooked is non-kosher or is designated exclusively for the Nochri army, it is prohibited to cook it on Yom Tov (unless they the Jews are in mortal danger if they do not cook for the Nochri army).

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