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1. The Gemara discusses the Techum of oxen that are for sale.
2. Arranging to borrow an item before Yom Tov is enough to change the Techum of the item for Yom Tov.
3. Rebbi Aba used to say a prayer when traveling to a place to learn.
4. If it is accepted practice to sell wheat that includes small pieces of rocks, a buyer may not pick out the rocks.
5. The Amora'im argued about why dough made from borrowed salt or water has the Techum of its owner.


1. If a person commonly sells his oxen to people from other cities, his oxen assume the Techum of their purchasers, even if the purchasers come from another city on Yom Tov to pick them up. If he normally sells only locally, their Techum is that of the local townspeople.
2. Accordingly, if a borrower arranged before Yom Tov to borrow an item, and on Yom Tov he picks up the item from the lender, the item has the Techum of the borrower, even though he picked it up only after Yom Tov had begun.
3. He would say, "It should be [His will] that I should say something (in Torah learning) that will be accepted."
4. If he does so without the seller's knowledge, he owes the seller the monetary value of wheat for the amount of rocks that were allowed to be in the wheat that he picked out.
5. Abaye: This is because people might come to jointly own dough and they will say that it has the Techum of only one of them. Rava: Spices are not nullified (to the dough), since they are used to give taste.

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