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1. There is a dispute about the Kosher status of a bird that was run over and survived.
2. The Gemara inquires about whether one may slaughter such a bird on Yom Tov.
3. The Gemara inquires whether people who assist in the cooking of food on Shabbos are liable.
4. When making fig cakes, household members may eat from the figs without tithing them before they are processed.
5. There is no "Achilas Arai" on Shabbos; all acts of eating, even snacking, are considered "Achilas Keva."


1. The Tana Kama: If it remained alive for a full day after the injury, one is allowed to slaughter it and assume it is not a Tereifah. Rebbi Elazar ben Antignos: Further investigation is required to ascertain that it is not a Tereifah.
2. Since it is possible (and likely) that this bird is a Tereifah, perhaps the Rabanan did not permit slaughtering it on Yom Tov due to the likelihood that the Shechitah would not result in any food (and is akin to slaughtering a non-Kosher animal on Yom Tov, which is clearly forbidden). Shechitah must result in the preparation of an edible food in order to be permitted on Yom Tov.
3. The Gemara explains that once the fire is under the food, anyone who helps the cooking progress is liable. However, if the fire is not yet lit, putting wood down, putting a pot over the wood, spicing, and stirring are not considered transgressions.
4. Since only a finished product is obligated to be tithed, even if one dries the figs and puts them in his yard he is not obligated to tithe them until they are made into fig cakes.
5. Accordingly, on Shabbos one may not eat a fruit that has not been tithed and is lying in his field (and was picked before Shabbos), even though it has not yet been processed. During the week, one would be permitted to eat a single fruit like this in the field without tithing, as this is considered Achilas Arai, a "temporary" form of eating that is not obligated in Ma'aser.

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