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1. Rebbi Nechemyah has a very stringent opinion regarding the laws of Muktzah.
2. The Mishnah discusses various examples of the prohibition against making a vessel on Shabbos.
3. The Gemara says that the author of the Mishnah can be one of two possible Tana'im.
4. Having mercy on others and helping them is a Jewish trait.
5. The Gemara lists individuals whose lives are not a life.


1. He says that one may handle an item that is permitted to be handled only when he intends to use it for its normally designated purpose. For example, one may not handle a knife that is usually used to cut food in order to open a seal with it.
2. One such example is taking a ball of clay and punching it down in order to form a bowl for holding oil (a lamp, or "Ner").
3. The Mishnah may be either Rebbi Meir (who gives significance to a ball of clay that is punched in, even though it has not yet been formed and hardened through baking in a kiln) or Rebbi Eliezer b'Rebbi Tzadok.
4. In fact, the Gemara says that one who has such a trait must be descended from Avraham Avinu. One who is not merciful must not be descended from Avraham Avinu.
5. A person who depends on others for food, whose wife rules over him, or whose body is racked with pain is considered to have no life.

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