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1. If a person needs to bring many bottles of wine at once, it is permitted.
2. One should try to lessen the amount of exertion of any heavy burden he carries on Yom Tov.
3. The Gemara discusses certain Halachos that people were not careful about.
4. The Gemara explains that there is a concept of, "Better that they should accidentally transgress than purposely transgress."
5. One is not allowed to take wood on Yom Tov by dismantling a wooden booth, as doing so is prohibited by the Melachah of destroying.


1. For example, if one has many guests and it is very difficult to transport one bottle at a time, he is permitted to bring cases of wine from place to place.
2. For example, if a person would normally carry something himself but with difficultly, he should have two people carry it on Yom Tov.
3. For example, although according to the letter of the law it is forbidden to clap and dance on Shabbos, people did so anyway.
4. The Gemara concludes that this concept applies even with regard to a Torah law, such as adding time to the fast of Yom Kippur. (The Poskim point out that this refers only to a Torah law that is not stated explicitly in the verse.)
5. However, one may take pieces of wood that were merely leaning against the booth, or bundles of wood that were piled on top of the roof of the booth (and the bundles were not untied to be spread out across the roof).

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