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1. It is permitted to close off a small area of a stream before Yom Tov and then take the fish found in that area on Yom Tov.
2. It is forbidden to use designated birds that are in trees on Yom Tov.
3. The Mishnah discusses what one should do if he has an animal that may die on Yom Tov, but he is not hungry for its meat.
4. A person should not drink a cup of liquid in one gulp.
5. The Gemara lists the most brazen beings of each species.


1. It is considered as though he pre-designated the fish gathered in this small area for his use on Yom Tov.
2. This is because of the concern that one might snap off branches when trying to take the birds.
3. He is allowed to slaughter the animal on Yom Tov as long as he has time to eat even a k'Zayis of meat from it on Yom Tov.
4. Drinking a cup in one gulp gives the appearance of a person who drinks a lot just to fulfill his desires. Therefore, it is appropriate to drink it in two sips.
5. For example, Jews are the most brazen nation, dogs are the most brazen animals, and chickens are the most brazen birds.

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