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BEITZAH 22 - dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld's father in memory of his aunt, Malka Gitel bas Reb Yakov Mordechai (Malvina Marmorstein), who, after the Holocaust, took him into her home and raised him as if he was her own child. Her Yahrzeit is 20 Nisan.


1. The Beraisa discusses what one should do if he did not make an Eruv Tavshilin.
2. One who adds oil on Shabbos into a burning candle in order to make it burn longer is liable for lighting a fire.
3. There is a dispute about whether one may extinguish a flame on Yom Tov in order to have conjugal relations.
4. One who assists, in only a small way, another person to transgress a prohibition is not liable.
5. There is a dispute about what Beis Shamai forbids and what Beis Hillel permits when they discuss baking "Pas Avah" on Pesach.


1. Others are allowed to do the bare minimum for him. They may bake one loaf of bread, wrap up one pot of food, light one candle, and heat one flask of water. Some say that they also may roast a small fish for him.
2. If he removes the oil, he is liable for extinguishing a fire.
3. Rabanan: One may not do so, as this act of extinguishing is not for Ochel Nefesh, food preparation. Rebbi Yehudah: The verse says "for you," including all of your needs, even those that are not food-related. Therefore, it is permitted.
4. Accordingly, if one helps another carry a beam, he is exempt.
5. Rav Huna: Beis Shamai forbids baking one-Tefach-thick loaves on Pesach, as they might become Chametz. Beis Hillel: One may bake such loafs as long as one is careful that they not become Chametz. Rav or Rebbi: Pas Avah refers to Pas Merubah, meaning that Beis Shamai forbids baking a large quantity on Yom Tov while Beis Hillel permits it.

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