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1. There is a dispute about whether one may use a grindstone as a cutting board for meat on Yom Tov.
2. There is a dispute about what one may do with the hide of an animal on Yom Tov after it is slaughtered.
3. Everyone agrees that, on Yom Tov, one may salt meat he intends to roast over the skin of the animal.
4. One may not salt fats to preserve them for use after Yom Tov.
5. One may salt many pieces of meat at once on Yom Tov, even though he needs only one piece for Yom Tov.


1. Beis Shamai: It is forbidden. Beis Hillel: It is permitted. Everyone agrees, however, that one may not move it to a different location after cutting the meat (in order to store it or protect it).
2. Beis Shamai: One may not put it in a place where people walk, or even pick it up, if it does not have meat the size of a k'Zayis attached to it. Beis Hillel: One may pick it up or put it in a place where people walk. The Chachamim did not prohibit moving it lest people avoid slaughtering animals on Yom Tov and refrain from having meat (since they are worried that they will lose the value of the animal's hide).
3. This refers to a minimal salting that is done to meat that will be roasted. The salting may be done over the skin of the animal, even though this will help process the hide.
4. The Tana Kama says that one may not even spread them out to prevent them from rotting. Others say in the name of Rebbi Yehoshua that one may do so.
5. Rav Ada bar Ahavah would salt one piece, and then indicate he wanted another piece instead and salt that piece, and so on until he ended up salting many pieces of meat.

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