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1. The Beraisa states that as long as each myrtle branch has one group of three valid (i.e. not dry) leaves, the set of Hadasim are valid.
2. If a person covered the blood of a bird that he slaughtered and it became uncovered, he is not obligated to cover it again.
3. The Gemara discusses whether a Mitzvah -- once something causes it not to apply -- remains inapplicable.
4. The Gemara discusses the berries that cause a Hadas to be invalid.
5. One may not pick berries off a myrtle branch on Yom Tov in order to make it valid for use with the Arba'as ha'Minim.


1. Rav Chisda qualifies this by saying that it applies only if the valid leaves are at the very top of each myrtle branch. If they are in the middle and the rest of the leaves are dry, this is not considered "Hadar."
2. However, if, after slaughtering the bird, a gust of wind swept some earth over the blood, he is still obligated to cover it. Rabah bar bar Chanah says that he is obligated to cover it only if it becomes uncovered again, but not if it remains covered by the wind-swept earth.
3. For example, in the case above (#2) when the wind swept over the blood, one is still obligated if the earth is swept away again even though there was no obligation when it was covered. The Gemara is unsure about whether this applies in order to be lenient as well.
4. Too many black or red berries invalidate it, while green berries do not invalidate it.
5. However, if he has other Hadas branches available to him to use for the Mitzvah, he may do so, since he does not need this branch to be valid.

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