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1. There is a dispute about which blessing one recites first upon entering the Sukah -- Shehecheyanu or Leishev ba'Sukah.
2. The Gemara discusses the intermarriage of Miriam from the Bilgah family of Kohanim.
3. The entire Bilgah family was punished for her tirade in the Beis ha'Mikdash when the Greeks took over.
4. Some say that there was another reason for why the Bilgah family was punished.
5. The Gemara explains why, according to the first opinion, it was fair to punish the entire house of Bilgah for Miriam's actions.


1. Rav says that the obligation relevant to the day comes before Shehecheyanu. Rabah bar bar Chanah says that Shehecheyanu is recited first because it is the more commons blessing, and there is a general rule that whatever is more common is said or done before that which is less common.
2. She married a high-ranking Greek officer.
3. She shouted that the Mizbe'ach was a fox that was eating up the money of the Jews, and that Hashem does not stand by the Jews when they need Him.
4. This opinion understands that they always used to arrive late to their shift of the service in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
5. The Gemara explains that a person's speech is an indication of what she heard as a child from her parents. Her entire family was punished due to the principle, "Woe to an evildoer and woe to his neighbor; it is good for the Tzadik and good for his neighbor."

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