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1. The Gemara lists the Psalms which are recited on each day of Chol ha'Mo'ed Sukos.
2. The Gemara discusses how to apply this rule to outside of Eretz Yisrael which has two days of Yom Tov.
3. Ameimar instituted that outside of Eretz Yisrael both possible recitations are said each day.
4. The Mishnah discusses the number of Korbanos brought on every day of Sukos.
5. The Mishnah teaches the three times in the year when the ministering group of Kohanim did not have the exclusive rights to the Kohanim's share of what was offered.


1. The Gemara concludes that if Shabbos occurs during Chol ha'Mo'ed, the last Psalm is pushed aside. For example, if the second day of Chol ha'Mo'ed is Shabbos, the Psalm of Shabbos is said and on the next day the Psalm for the second day of Chol ha'Mo'ed is said (even though it is the third day of Chol ha'Mo'ed).
2. Abaye says that the second day is pushed aside, while Rava says that the last day is pushed aside. The law follows Rava.
3. In other words, on the first day of Chol ha'Mo'ed, both "uva'Yom ha'Sheni" and "uva'Yom ha'Shelishi" are said.
4. For example, 30 animals were offered on a normal, first day of Sukos. They were: 13 bulls, 2 rams, 1 goat, and 14 sheep.
5. The ministering group of Kohanim did not have the exclusive rights to the limbs of the Korbanos of the festival, the division of the Lechem ha'Panim during the festival, and on Shavuos.

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