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1. The Gemara explains the reason for the "great mourning" mentioned in the verse in Zecharyah.
2. The evil inclination begins with a small, light thread (i.e. of temptation).
3. The evil inclination has seven names.
4. The Gemara discusses how the evil inclination has been quite successful.
5. A greater person has a greater evil inclination.


1. One opinion is that it refers to the death of Mashi'ach ben Yosef. The other opinion is that it is refers to the death of the evil inclination. When that mourning occurs, the righteous people will view the evil inclination as a tremendous mountain and remember how difficult it was to overcome its temptations.
2. However, the more one entwines himself in its threads, the thicker they become, until they become as thick as a rope used to tie a bull to a plow.
3. Those names are "evil," "uncircumcised," "impure," "hater," "stumbling block," "stone," and "the hidden one."
4. Not only was it successful in causing the sins that led to the destruction of the first and second Beis ha'Mikdash, it also succeeded in having many of the Torah scholars of those generations killed.
5. The evil inclination does not give up when someone overcomes it, but rather lives to fight another day (until the end of a person's life).

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