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1. There is a dispute about whether liquid left in a strainer without being watched is prohibited.
2. Everyone agrees that such water (#1) may not be used for water libations.
3. The flute of the Simchas Beis ha'Sho'evah would be played for either five or six days of Sukos.
4. The Gemara explains that some people called it the "Simchas Beis ha'Chashuvah."
5. There is a dispute about whether the primary Shirah (singing) mandated by the bringing of a Korban is specifically fulfilled with the use of a musical instrument.


1. There was a prohibition during the times of the Gemara against drinking water that was left uncovered. There was a concern that a snake drank from it and left its venom in it. The Tana Kama maintains that if the water was put in a strainer and the bottom vessel remained covered, it is still prohibited, while Rebbi Nechemyah says that the poison remains in the strainer and does not pass to the bottom vessel.
2. Rebbi Nechemyah permits such water only from a person to drink. There is a stricter standard for the water offered as a special libation on the Mizbe'ach.
3. This is because it does not override Shabbos or Yom Tov. Depending on whether Shabbos and Yom Tov falls on the same day that year, there would be either five or six days of Simchas Beis ha'Sho'evah.
4. This is because the water libations that are being celebrated (together with Sukos) are a very special Mitzvah that was clearly intended from the six days of Creation (as mentioned earlier in the Gemara, that the area the water entered when it was poured was created during the six days of Creation especially for this purpose).
5. Rav Yosef: Rebbi Yosi says that the primary Shirah mandated is fulfilled with an instrument, while the Chachamim maintain that it is fulfilled with people singing (the Psalms of the day).

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