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1. The Rabanan decreed that when Sukos, Rosh Hashanah, or Purim falls on Shabbos we do not perform the Mitzvah of that day.
2. There is a dispute about whether one may cut off a Lulav from a tree, bind it, and use it on Shabbos or Yom Tov.
3. The Gemara discusses whether the Mitzvah of Sukah applies at night.
4. The special service of the Aravos branches being placed around the Mizbe'ach (45a) overrides Shabbos.
5. The Baitusim tried to stop the special service of the Aravos branches on the seventh day of Sukos.


1. The Rabanan decreed that we not perform the Mitzvos of Arba'as ha'Minim, Shofar, or Megilah on Shabbos, out of concern that a person will carry these items into the public domain in order to go to someone who will teach him how to fulfill these Mitzvos.
2. Rebbi Eliezer: This is permitted, since the preparation for the Mitzvah overrides Shabbos and Yom Tov. (He rules this way regarding the preparation for many Mitzvos; see Shabbos 131b.) Chachamim: This is forbidden.
3. The Gemara has a doubt about whether to derive Sukah from Lulav or from the Milu'im, for all of which the Torah uses the word "days." Lulav, however, applies only during the day, while the Milu'im applied both at night and during the day. The Gemara concludes that we derive Sukah from the Milu'im through a Gezeirah Shavah of "Teshvu, Teshvu."
4. Rebbi Yochanan: This is in order to publicize that it is a Torah law (even though it is not stated explicitly in the Torah).
5. One year, when the seventh day of Sukos fell on Shabbos, the people brought large Aravos branches before Shabbos. The Baitusim took large stones and put them over the branches, since they knew that the Chachamim would not move the Muktzah stones. However, the simple people (who did not realize that moving the stones was prohibited) pushed aside the stones anyway, and the special service was performed as usual.

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