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1. There is a dispute about whether one may transfer the sanctity of Shemitah fruit to money.
2. The Gemara explains the reason of each opinion (#1).
3. Selling Shemitah fruit leads to serious punishment (by Hashem).
4. Even when the sanctity of Shemitah is transferred, the fruit remains holy.
5. There is a dispute about whether the sanctity of Shemitah or Ma'aser Sheni can be transferred to live animals.


1. Everyone agrees that the sanctity of Shemitah fruit is transferred to the money in a sale of Shemitah fruit. The dispute involves whether one may transfer the sanctity from his own fruit to his own money. Rebbi Eliezer says that he may not, while Rebbi Yochanan says that he may.
2. Rebbi Eliezer: Since the verse immediately after the verse of Shemitah states, "And when you will sell...," the Torah is teaching that Shemitah sanctity is transferred only through selling. Rebbi Yochanan: The verse says, "For it is Yovel, holy [it shall be for you]," teaching that just as one redeems Hekdesh through transferring its sanctity to money, so may one redeem Shemitah fruit (the subject of the verse regarding Yovel) by transferring its sanctity to money.
3. Rebbi Yosi b'Rebbi Chanina: A person who sells Shemitah fruits will eventually be forced to sell all of his possessions. (The expanded version of this teaching is in Erchin 30b, which describes many other, more severe things that will happen to him, culminating in having to sell himself as a slave to an idolater.)
4. The Beraisa explains that if one barters Shemitah fruit for meat, the meat attains the sanctity of Shemitah, and the Shemitah fruit remains holy. If the person who obtains the meat then barters the meat for fish, the meat loses its sanctity and the fish attains the sanctity of Shemitah.
5. Rebbi Meir: It may be transferred to live animals. Chachamim: The Rabanan made a decree that it may not be transferred, lest the person breed a flock of Ma'aser Sheni animals and delay bringing them to Yerushalayim. Everyone agrees, however, that it may be transferred to slaughtered animals.

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