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1. There is a dispute about the source for using Aravos in an independent service in the Beis ha'Mikdash on Sukos (see 45a).
2. The source for the special water libations done on Sukos is a Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai.
3. The Gemara warns against using a Tzaftzefah, which looks similar to the Aravah (willow), for the Arba'as ha'Minim.
4. There is a dispute about how many of each of the Arba'as ha'Minim one must hold to fulfill the Mitzvah.
5. A stolen or dry Esrog is invalid.


1. Aba Shaul: "Arvei" ("willow branches" in the plural) refers to taking them as part of the Arba'as ha'Minim and the special service done in the Beis ha'Mikdash. Chachamim: The service in the Beis ha'Mikdash is a Halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai.
2. These libations accompanied the morning Tamid every day of Sukos.
3. The Gemara explains that while an Aravah has a red stem, elongated leaves, and is the edges of its leaves are smooth, the Tzaftzefah has a white stem, a round leaf, and its leaf is shaped like a sickle.
4. Rebbi Yishmael: One must hold 3 Hadasim, 2 Aravos, 1 Lulav, and 1 Esrog. Rebbi Akiva: One of each species is held.
5. An Esrog that is Orlah or that is Terumah Teme'ah is invalid.

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