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1. The Gemara explains why a stolen Lulav is invalid on all of the days of Sukos.
2. Rebbi Shimon ben Yochai explains the verse, "For I am Hashem, Lover of justice, Hater of theft in an Olah."
3. The Gemara cites an opinion that a stolen Lulav is valid after the first day of Sukos.
4. Rav Huna instructed merchants who bought myrtle branches from Nochrim how to conduct themselves.
5. The Gemara explains the reason for these instructions (#4).


1. The Torah says that it is invalid on the first day of Sukos, as the verse states, "And you will take for yourself," implying that it must be yours. Since it is a Mitzvah ha'Ba'ah ba'Aveirah, it is invalid during the rest of Sukos as well.
2. He explains that Hashem is showing how all theft is hated, and people should learn that this is true from the fact that He hates sacrifices that are brought through theft.
3. This opinion maintains that since, on the second day onward, one fulfills the Mitzvah with a borrowed Lulav, he also fulfills it with a stolen Lulav. (Tosfos says that this opinion maintains that since the Mitzvah of Lulav on the remaining days of Sukos is mid'Rabanan, it is not invalidated by the rule of Mitzvah ha'Ba'ah ba'Aveirah.)
4. He told them to let the Nochrim cut the branches off of the trees instead of cutting them off themselves.
5. It is possible that the Nochrim stole the land from Jews. Since land cannot legally be stolen, the actual theft occurs when the branches are cut. Accordingly, the cutting should be done by the Nochrim so that they be the ones who do the act of theft, and not the Jewish merchant.

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