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1. There is a dispute about the minimum area of a valid Sukah.
2. There is a dispute about whether one may eat while sitting inside a large Sukah next to a table that is outside the Sukah.
3. A house has the Halachic status of a house only if it is at least four by four Amos.
4. One may not place the food of an Eruv Chatzeros in a house less than four by four Amos.
5. If a Sukah is 20 Amos tall, one may not validate it by lessening its height by putting pillows and blankets on the floor.


1. Beis Shamai: The area must be large enough to include one's head, most of his body, and his table. Beis Hillel: It does not need to be large enough to contain his table.
2. Beis Shamai: He does not fulfill the Mitzvah of Sukah, since he might end up eating outside the Sukah over his table. Beis Hillel: As long as he is actually eating in the Sukah, it does not matter whether his table is inside or outside the Sukah.
3. The Beraisa mentions many laws that do not apply to a house that is less than four by four Amos. For example, it is exempt from having a Mezuzah, it is exempt from having a fence around its roof, it cannot contract Tzara'as Batim, etc.
4. However, one may place the food of a Shituf Mavo'os there, just as he may place it in one of the yards (and it does not need to be placed in a house).
5. Even if the distance from the pillows to the Sechach is now less than 20 Amos, pillows are not meant to remain on a floor. Therefore, they are not considered part of the Sukah and cannot diminish the height.

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