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1. It is forbidden to take revenge.
2. It is forbidden to bear a grudge.
3. Hashem forgives the sins of a person who forgives others who wrong him.
4. The race to the top of the Mizbe'ach (see Daf 22, #1) was abolished soon after one Kohen murdered another during the race.
5. The Gemara explains which incident caused the practice of having a race to be abolished: the broken leg incident or the murder.


1. If a person says, "I will not lend you my sickle today just as you did not lend me yours yesterday," this is taking revenge and is forbidden according to Torah law.
2. I f a person says, "I will lend you my sickle today, unlike you who did not lend me your sickle yesterday," this is bearing a grudge and is forbidden according to Torah law.
3. One who does not answer back when someone embarrasses him is considered in the eyes of Hashem to have the strength of the sun.
4. When two Kohanim were close to each other during a race, one pulled out a knife and murdered the other.
5. The Gemara says that when the murder happened, they thought it was an isolated incident. However, when a Kohen was later pushed off the ramp accidentally, they realized that it was no longer safe and they abolished the races.

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