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1. Most people who require immersion in a Mikvah may do so on Yom Kippur.
2. One possible exception to this rule (#1) is a man who has a nocturnal emission.
3. There is a dispute about what a person does if the name of Hashem is written on his body and he must immerse in a Mikvah.
4. If a man has a nocturnal emission on Yom Kippur, it is a sign that his sins will be forgiven.
5. Some say that such a person (#4) should worry for the entire year.


1. This includes men and women whose Tum'ah requires them to immerse in a Mikvah in order to become Tahor.
2. The Rabanan: He may immerse only until Minchah time. Rebbi Yosi: He may immerse the entire day.
3. The Tana Kama: He must wrap a bandage around it so that it will not be erased by the water. Rebbi Yosi: He may immerse normally, being careful not to scrub that part of his body.
4. Of course, this is true only if it happens accidentally.
5. However, if he lives throughout that entire year, he is assured that he has a share in Olam ha'Ba in the merit of his good deeds.

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