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1. Rav Papa inquires about the amount of "a large date and like its pit," which is the amount of food for which one is liable for eating on Yom Kippur.
2. Rav Ashi inquires about "a bone (of a dead person) the size of a grain of barley," which causes Tum'ah.
3. Rabah: The size of a large date is greater than the size of an egg.
4. Rava explains why Raban Gamliel's consumption of two large dates in the Sukah was a stringency and not the letter of the law.
5. Rav Zevid: The size of a large date is less than the size of an egg.


1. Rav Papa asks whether this amount refers to food equivalent to the size of a large date together with its pit, or whether it refers to food the size of a large date *or* the size of its pit.
2. Rav Ashi asks whether this refers to the size of the barley including its husk or not, and whether it refers to a wet barley grain or a dry one.
3. The Rabanan understand that eating this amount makes one feel good and not afflicted as a result of fasting (it causes "his mind to be settled"). Accordingly, this amount was determined to be the measure for the prohibition of eating on Yom Kippur, even though almost every other prohibition of eating is based on the smaller size of an olive.
4. The Gemara contrasts this view with that of Rebbi Tzadok, who only ate less than the size of an egg outside the Sukah. Rava explains that since the food brought to Raban Gamliel was fruit, which is not considered an established type of eating, the letter of the law dictates that he may eat even a large amount of fruit outside the Sukah.
5. Rav Zevid proves this from the fact that no one says that the word "satiated" (in the context of the obligation to recite Birkas ha'Mazon) refers to food the size of a large date. It must be that no one says this because the amount of food the size of an egg is more than the size of a large date.

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