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YOMA 41 (11 Sivan) - Dedicated to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Chaim Yoseph ben Ephraim Henach ha'Levi z'l.


1. Rav Chisda: When a person buys a pair of birds to offer as a Korban, the birds are designated in only one of two ways.
2. Rav Ashi explains Rav Chisda's reasoning (#1).
3. The Gemara discusses the law in the case of a rich person who offers a Korban that is appropriate for a poor person.
4. Everyone agrees that a rich Metzora who offers the Korban of a poor Metzora does not fulfill his obligation.
5. They would tie a red string on the head of the Se'ir la'Azazel.


1. Either the person says that one is a Chatas and one is an Olah when he buys them, or the Kohen offers one as a Chatas and one as an Olah. If one buys them and only later designates one as a Chatas and one as an Olah, the designation is invalid.
2. For the two bird offerings brought by a woman after she gives birth, the verse states, "And she will take," and, "And he will offer." This indicates that the birds may be designated only when she purchases them or when the Kohen offers them.
3. If a person mistakenly entered the Beis ha'Mikdash while Tamei, he must bring a Korban Oleh v'Yored. The nature of his offering depends on whether he is rich, poor, or utterly impoverished. If a rich person brings the Korban meant for a poor person, Rebbi Elazar says that he does not fulfill his obligation. Rebbi Chaga says that he does fulfill his obligation, b'Di'eved.
4. This is due to the verse that discusses the Metzora's Korban Oleh v'Yored, which implies that he does not fulfill his obligation. However, in the case of other Korbenos Oleh v'Yored, he would fulfill his obligation.
5. Similarly, they would place a red string on the neck of the slaughtered Chatas.

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