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1. The animal was positioned during Semichah with its head towards the south, pointing west (facing the Heichal).
2. The Gemara explains why the animal was not merely situated with its rear toward the Mizbe'ach.
3. When performing Semichah, the Kohen Gadol would place his hands on the animal's head between its horns.
4. There is a dispute about what the Kohen Gadol would confess when he offered the Olah.
5. The Gemara defines "Chet," "Avon," and "Pesha."


1. In other words, it was positioned between the Mizbe'ach and the Heichal, with its rear facing away from the Mizbe'ach. Its head was directed to face the Heichal.
2. This is because it would not be appropriate for its rear to be facing the Mizbe'ach. Moreover, if its rear would face the Mizbe'ach and it would defecate in that position, that would be very disrespectful to the Mizbe'ach.
3. He would also ascertain that there was no foreign substance intervening between his hands and the animal as he performs Semichah.
4. Rebbi Yosi: The Viduy would pertain to the sin of not performing the Mitzvos of Leket, Shichechah, and Pe'ah properly. Rebbi Akiva: The Viduy would pertain to transgressions of Mitzvos Aseh, and Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh ha'Nitak la'Aseh.
5. The Chachamim explain that "Chet" refers to accidental sins, "Avon" refers to sins committed intentionally, and "Pesha" refers to sins done with rebellious intent.

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