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1. The Gemara explains what we derive from the words, "from night until morning," written with regard to the Menorah.
2. The primary opinion is that the sprinkling of the blood of the Tamid was that of an ordinary Korban Olah.
3. Rebbi Shimon Ish ha'Mitzpah understands that the sprinkling done was a combination of that of an Olah and a Chatas.
4. The Korban Olah's Zerikas ha'Dam must be done at the part of the Mizbe'ach that has a Yesod.
5. The Mishnah in Tamid discusses from where the Korban Tamid was brought.


1. One explanation is that there used to be no less than half a Lug of oil in each lamp, since this was the amount of oil needed to burn throughout the longest nights of winter.
2. This Zerikas is known as "two that are four." The northeast corner was sprinkled once (covering the northern and eastern sides of the corners of the Mizbe'ach). Similarly, the southwest corner was sprinkled once (covering the southern and western sides).
3. He understands that when the verse discusses the offering of a Korban Chatas and compares it with the Korban Tamid, it is teaching that the Zerikas ha'Dam of the Korban Tamid is done like that of an Olah and that of a Chatas. Therefore, he understands that Zerikah was done once on the northeast corner, and it was done separately on the west and south.
4. This is why the blood of the Olah is not sprinkled in the southeastern corner (and instead it is done as described in #2 above).
5. It was brought from a chamber called the "Lishkas Beis ha'Tela'im," where the sheep were examined for four days prior to being offering in order to ensure that they were free of blemishes.

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