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SHEKALIM 7 (15 Nisan; 1st Yom Tov of Pesach) - Dedicated Dr. A. Pandey l'Iluy Nishmas Harav Alexander Zishe Meyer ben Harav Chanoch Henoch (and Bina Rochel) Blum zt'l of Kew Gardens Hills, N.Y., who passed away on 15 Nisan 5780. A well-known rabbi and educator, Rabbi Blum's warmth and Sever Panim Yafos shaped the lives of thousands of his Talmidim.


1. If funds are raised for the purpose of redeeming captives, any money leftover is saved and used solely for this purpose.
2. There is a dispute about what is done with the surplus from funds raised to bury a specific dead person.
3. David ha'Melech prayed that his words would be repeated in synagogues and study houses.
4. When the teachings of a dead Torah scholar are repeated in this world, his lips move in the grave.
5. There is no generation that does not have scoffers similar to those in the generation of David ha'Melech.


1. If money is raised to redeem a specific captive, he receives any money that is leftover after he has been redeemed.
2. Tana Kama: It goes to his heirs. Rebbi Meir: It is supposed to be kept until Eliyahu ha'Navi comes and tells us what to do with it. Rebbi Nasan: It is used to build a tombstone on his grave.
3. This is what he meant when he said, "I will live in Your tents forever" (Tehilim 61:5).
4. The verse states, "He moves the lips of those who sleep" (Shir ha'Shirim 7:10).
5. These people used to go next to the windows of David ha'Melech's palace and say, "David, David, when is the Beis ha'Mikdash going to be built? When can we go to the house of Hashem?" They did this because they knew that Hashem had said it would not be built in his lifetime.

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