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SHEKALIM 3 - This Daf has been dedicated Dr. A. Pandey L'iluy Nishmas Hagaon Rav Matis (Matisyahu ben Alexander Zishe Meyer and Rochel Leah) Blum zt'l, author of the acclaimed Torah la'Da'as series and beloved Rav and Marbitz Torah in Queens, NY, who was Niftar on 10 Nisan 5780.


1. The Mishnah discusses how Beis Din uproot Kil'ayim.
2. The Gemara discusses the basis for Beis Din's power to declare items ownerless.
3. On the fifteenth of Adar, moneychangers make themselves available in order to ensure that people can obtain half-Shekel coins.
4. If a person refuses to give his half-Shekel after the twenty-fifth of Adar, collateral is taken from his home.
5. There is a dispute about whether a Kohen should give a Machatzis ha'Shekel.


1. Originally, they uprooted the Kil'ayim. They later started throwing the Kil'ayim into the street so that it would be trampled. When this later proved to be ineffective, they ruled that the person's entire field was to be declared ownerless and that others could take possession of it.
2. The verse in Ezra (10:8) states, "And whoever does not arrive after three days as per the order of the officers and elders will have his possessions seized."
3. On the twenty-fifth of Adar, these moneychangers even sit in the Beis ha'Mikdash. (Some say that this means around Yerushalayim, but not literally in the Beis ha'Mikdash.)
4. This does not apply to women, children, and Kena'ani servants who are not obligated in Machatzis ha'Shekel. However, if a father decides to give on behalf of a child, he becomes obligated to continue this custom every year.
5. Ben Buchri said that a Kohen who gives "is not a sinner." Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai said that a Kohen who does not give is a sinner.

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