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SHEKALIM 2 (10 Nisan) - This Daf has been dedicated L'iluy Nishmas Reb Yosef Nissan ben Reb Yechezkel, Mr. Joseph Glatt A"H, and in honor and recognition of his son Yibadel l'Chaim Tovim v'Aruchim, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, shlita, for his years of being a master Daf Yomi teacher.


1. On the first of Adar, Beis Din announces that people should bring their Shekalim to the Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. At that time, Beis Din also announce that people should ensure they do not grow Kil'ayim in their fields.
3. On the fifteenth of Adar, Beis Din begins doing many things.
4. The building of the Mishkan was atonement for the sin of the Golden Calf.
5. The Gemara discusses the laws of Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni.


1. The (half) Shekalim are used to purchase the Korbenos Tzibur, the public offerings, starting from Rosh Chodesh Nisan.
2. On the fifteenth of Adar, Beis Din sends messengers to check that people have not grown Kil'ayim. If they find Kil'ayim, they uproot them.
3. Aside for the day on which the Megilah is read in walled cities, it is the day on which Beis Din starts to fix the streets, Mikva'os, mark graves, and do other things needed for the public welfare.
4. This is particularly evident in with regard to the Kapores, which, the Gemara says, was made out of gold in order to atone for the gold that the people gave towards the making of the Golden Calf.
5. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says that the laws of Adar (such as the reading of the four Parshiyos, Purim, etc.) apply only in Adar Sheni, except that the prohibitions against fasting and eulogizing on the fourteenth and fifteenth of the month apply to both Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni.

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