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1. Whoever says that Hashem will not punish a sinner should have his innards removed.
2. Hashem is stringent with those who are very righteous (so that they should reach perfection).
3. One who digs wells for the public will suffer no personal tragedy through water.
4. The family members of Beis Garmu were experts at baking the Lechem ha'Panim and removing them whole from the oven. They did not want to teach their skills to others.
5. A similar incident (to #4) occurred with Beis Avtinas, the makers of the Ketores.


1. Rather, Hashem gives a person time to repent. However, if he does not do so, he will be punished.
2. This is as the verse states, "And [the 'area'] around Him is very stormy." Others say that this is derived from the verse, "And He is awesome over all those who surround Him."
3. The Gemara relates that the daughter of a person who dug wells for the public was swept away by a river. Rebbi Pinchas ben Yair said that it is not possible that she drowned, and indeed she miraculously survived.
4. Since they knew that the Beis ha'Mikdash would be destroyed, they did not want to teach their skills lest idol-worshipers use the skills for idolatry.
5. Beis Avtinas did not allow their women to wear perfume, lest people suspect them of using the Ketores for their own needs.

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