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1. If three women slept far apart in the same bed and blood was found underneath one of them, it depends where the blood was found.
2. This ruling (#1) applies only if the one farthest from the blood did not pass over the area of the bed where blood was found.
3. If (up to) two of the women check themselves and find that they are pure, we presume the blood is from the third woman.
4. Gedalyah ben Achikam should have suspected that Yochanan was telling the truth.
5. Rebbi Tarfon did not give refuge to people from Galil who rumor had it, were murderers.


1. If one of the outer ones found blood underneath her, she and the middle one are ruled impure. The one on the outer edge is pure. If blood was found under the middle one, everyone is impure.
2. If she did she is also ruled impure, as we suspect that when she passed over that area the blood may have fallen from her.
3. However, if all three check and find that they are pure, they are all considered impure. Rebbi Meir says that whenever we have a status of impurity there is a general status of impurity until the specific source of the impurity can be identified. Although the Chachamim argue with Rebbi Meir about the application of this principle, in our case they agree with his conclusion.
4. Although Gedalyah was not supposed to accept the Lashon Hara that Yishmael was going to kill him thereby causing the deaths of many others, he should have suspected it was true and taken action to prevent it from happening. The verse therefore attributes the bloodshed that happened afterwards to Gedalyah.
5. While he realized that they might be innocent, he also realized that they might be murderers in which case it is forbidden to help them (Rashi, see Tosfos). He therefore told them to find hiding elsewhere.

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