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1. There is a dispute about the source of the law that flesh of a corpse is Tamei whether wet or dry.
2. Ula: According to Torah law, the skin of a dead person is Tahor.
3. The fluids that come out of a Zav's body are Tamei when wet.
4. There is a dispute about whether mucus that comes out of a Zav's nose is Tamei.
5. A Beraisa discusses the Halachah of nine different fluids that come from a Zav or Zavah, including fluids that are Tahor or cause only light Tum'ah.


1. Reish Lakish: The verse, "For all his Tum'ah," implies that his flesh is Tamei as long as it is part of him, whether it is now wet or dry. Rebbi Yochanan: The verse, "Or with the bone of a person or a grave," implies that just as a bone is Tamei, even dried flesh of a corpse is Tamei.
2. The Rabanan decreed that it should be Tamei so that a person will not make carpets out of the skin of his dead parents.
3. The extra letter "Vav" ("and") in the verse, "And when he will spit," includes the phlegm and mucus of a Zav in the category of things that cause Tum'ah.
4. Rav: Only mucus that comes out a Zav's mouth is Tamei, not mucus that comes out of his nose. Rebbi Yochanan: Even mucus that comes out of his nose is Tamei.
5. For example, the sweat, pus, and feces of a Zav are Tahor. A Revi'is of his tears, blood from his wounds, and mother's milk from a Zavah cause Tum'ah to food and drink.

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