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NIDAH 13 - dedicated by Mrs. Rita Grunberger of Queens, N.Y., in loving memory of her husband, Reb Yitzchok Yakov ben Eliyahu Grunberger. Irving Grunberger helped many people quietly in an unassuming manner and he is dearly missed by all who knew him. His Yahrzeit is 10 Sivan.


1. A man who purposely spills seed in a manner unrelated to procreation is subject to Misah b'Yedei Shamayim.
2. Someone who causes himself to think immoral thoughts cannot become close to Hashem.
3. A man who has not fulfilled the Mitzvah of Peru u'Revu and marries a girl too young to have children prevents Mashi'ach from coming.
4. A female Kohen who is not mentally competent may be assisted by a healthy woman to become Tahor so that she may eat Terumah.
5. This law (#4) does not apply to a deaf woman.


1. This is derived from the verse that relates that Onan, the second son of Yehudah, died as a result of having relations with his wife, Tamar, in a manner unrelated to procreation in order to avoid having children with her.
2. This is derived from the verse that says with regard to Onan, "And it was evil in the eyes of Hashem." Another verse says, "Evil will not dwell with You," implying that anyone who does evil things cannot be close to Hashem.
3. Rebbi Yosi: Mashi'ach will not come until all of the souls in the "Guf" (a holding area for all of the souls that will be born) are born.
4. If another woman helps the mentally incompetent woman examine herself and ascertains that she has become Tahor, she may eat Terumah. This also applies to a woman who is a deaf-mute or blind.
5. Rebbi relates that there was a deaf woman in his neighborhood who not only ascertained that she herself was Tahor, but would help other women ascertain that they were Tahor. When the Mishnah says "Cheresh," it refers specifically to a deaf-mute.

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